Smarter Flat Roofing

Why EverSeal Roofing is the Best Solution for Your Flat Roof

By now, you probably know that Everseal Roofing is an entirely new roof system. It’s no short-term, quick Band-Aid fix to your problems. Everseal is the permanent flat roof solution you’re looking for.

One of the reasons EverSeal Roofing is smarter is that we don’t have to rip out your old roofing membrane. We do something better with it, we upcycle it.

Your existing membrane will be cleaned and strength-reinforced. Critically important, we also add proper ventilation. These three steps transform your old membrane into the new base sheet for an immensely more effective roofing system.

Doing all this has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars!

How Does EverSeal Roofing Work?

Step One

We deep clean the flat roof membrane with power washers and special cleaners to remove all the dirt and debris that’s accumulated over time.

Skip that step, and there won’t be proper adhesion which means your new roof will eventually leak. Our cleaning allows for maximum adhesion and a strong chemical bond.

Step Two

All the weakest areas of the roof like the perimeter, protrusions, and problem areas are strength-reinforced, transforming them into the strongest areas.

This is where 99% of all leaks happen! We take the extra steps to eliminate those potential future leaks.

Step Three

Everseal Roofing installs specialized one-way roof ventilation units to allow the roof to breathe and any previous moisture to escape.

As we talked about in the last email, your flat roof needs to breathe. This can be the difference between a roof lasting only 2 years and one lasting 50 years!

Completing the Job

We permanently encapsulate your entire roof, transforming it into a brand new, 50-year guaranteed roof.

This process turns every crack, rip, tear, seam, roof edge, and existing penetration into a 100% seamless flat roof surface impenetrable by water. All without any need to replace your flat roof. There’s virtually no way water can leak into your home or building ever again.

EverSeal Roofing’s work is guaranteed for at least 50 years. All these reasons are why we call it Smarter Flat Roofing.

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