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How to Achieve a Waterproof Flat Roof

If you have spent much time searching for how to achieve a waterproof flat roof, you probably have received conflicting advice.

Your commercial roofing contractor may have encouraged you to start from scratch with a pricey flat roof replacement with the promise that a new roofing material will take care of all your flat roof leaks. Your maintenance team may have encouraged you to try roof coatings that go on like paint, which are supposed to provide “quick fixes” to a leaky commercial roof.

flat roof waterproofing

However, flat roof replacement is costly. And many flat roof coating systems can’t stand up against normal weather conditions and pooling water. Their seams quickly degrade and crack, causing you to have to reapply additional coats year after year.

But there is one flat roof waterproofing system that might be the answer to your prayers. The EverSeal System is a sturdy new roof system guaranteed for 50 years.

How to Complete Flat Roof Waterproofing

Start the process of waterproofing the entire surface of your flat roof by contacting EverSeal. Then, we will complete the following steps to waterproof your flat roof.

1. EverSeal will deep clean your flat roof’s surface.

It’s important to remove the dirt and debris accumulated on your roof. Cleaning the roofing membrane also allows for maximum adhesion of the new roof system.

2. We will reinforce problem areas.

Commercial buildings often have problem areas where leaks typically form. One critical step in waterproofing flat roofs is to pay attention to the perimeter, protrusions, and low spots. Your damaged roof will guide us on the location of some of your problem areas.

3. EverSeal will install ventilation units.

Your roof has to be able to breathe to allow moisture to escape. Improper ventilation will eventually lead to a breakdown of your roofing system.

4. Your new roof system will be installed.

Once the roof surface is prepared, your new roofing material will be installed over your entire roof. Every crack, rip, tear, and seam of your flat roof will be sealed and impenetrable by water following the application process. This smarter flat roofing solution is guaranteed for 50 years – unlike the “liquid rubber” systems you can purchase from roofing supply stores.

Other Benefits of Our Flat Roof Waterproofing System

EverSeal creates a leak-free seamless surface on the top of your commercial building. However, this isn’t simply a waterproofing method for flat roofs.

Your roof will be covered with an extremely durable white roofing material that reflects UV rays from the surface. After this thick coat is installed, you will enjoy lower cooling bills and greater energy efficiency. (Because this is an environmentally friendly solution, you may be eligible for local, state, and federal tax breaks after installing this flat roofing system.)

Unlike hot bitumen systems, this flat roof liquid waterproofing method will not disrupt your business. This painless, quiet application process will not interrupt your building usage.

Flat Roofs Don’t Have to Leak!

Learn more about EverSeal’s flat roof leak repair and waterproofing solutions for flat roofs by visiting our website. We offer free quotes by looking at a satellite image of your building in less than one hour.

How to Get a Waterproof Flat Roof

  • There’s a lot of conflicting advice online on waterproofing flat roofs.
  • Some solutions, like roof replacement, are pricey.
  • Other roof coating systems must be reapplied each year because they aren’t made to withstand harsh UV rays.
  • EverSeal offers a unique waterproofing solution for flat roof leaks.
  • EverSeal stands behind its waterproofing methods so much that this product is guaranteed for 50 years.

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