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Average Cost of Flat Roof Replacement

With costs increasing across industries, you might be too nervous to check on the current flat roof replacement cost – even if you need to complete the project on your commercial building. Unfortunately, you’re right to be worried.

The roofing industry has been affected by inflation, supply chain issues, and labor shortages, and these problems are reflected in the increased price of flat roof installation. We’ll break down the average cost to replace a flat roof and give you an alternative solution.

How Much Does Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

Flat roof replacement costs between $4 to $13 per square foot.

Factors to Consider When Replacing a Flat Roof

We know this considerable range (from $4 to $13 per square foot) could make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. So, here are some of the factors that go into replacement costs.

Replacing Flat Roof Materials

The type of commercial flat roofing material used on your replacement projects can make a difference in the project’s final cost.

For example, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), a roofing material made from oil and natural gas byproducts, can cost as much as $13 per square foot. However, modified bitumen, which is rolled out onto the flat roof and secured with a blowtorch, may only cost $4 per square foot. Metal roofing tends to be the most expensive.

When it’s time for a flat roof replacement, consider the price of the roof materials and ensure you have a solid understanding of the roof’s lifespan for each type of roofing material. Some commercial flat roofs are only lasting 15 to 20 years – depending on your climate and dedication to completing maintenance tasks.

Number of Roof Penetrations

The more hatches, skylights, chimneys, and exhaust pipes there are on commercial buildings, the more complicated it will be to complete a roof replacement. Penetrations require special flashing work, which will increase both the labor and material costs.

Roof Removal Costs

Depending on the type of roof membrane and condition, you may have to pay for old roof removal costs and dump fees. In addition, tearing off your existing roof has environmental ramifications, as the old material has to go somewhere.

cost of flat roof replacement

On a side note, you will probably not be able to conduct business as usual while installing your new flat roof. However, most roof replacement calculators don’t factor in the costs associated with disrupting your business.

Roof Size and Complexity of the Job

The size of the building plays a significant factor in the total costs for flat roof membranes. However, roofing contractors will also charge more for a project for a building in a congested or hard-to-get-to area. Flat roofing projects are tricky to complete in metropolitan areas – especially if the original flat roofing material needs to be removed.

An Alternative to Flat Roof Replacement

As you read this, you might be doing a quick calculation to determine how much your flat roof costs to replace.

price of replacing flat roofing systems

Here are some other issues with flat roof replacements:

  • Why do all flat roofs leak? Are there any roofing materials that create a permanent seal?
  • Why should I spend a lot of money on flat roof repairs or replacements only to repeat the project in a few years?
  • Can I afford the secondary cost of a roof replacement job, including the interruption of business and the disposal of old roofing materials?
  • Are there any new roof materials that will help me lower my energy costs?

If you have these concerns, we have the perfect solution for you.

Here’s a less expensive option than flat roofing replacement.

EverSeal can help you save thousands of dollars on your roof replacement project. We can do this by placing a 100% sealed and leak-proof surface over your existing roof. In addition, your building access won’t be interrupted, and your new surface will be guaranteed for 50 years.

You’ll be happy to know that the EverSeal system is highly reflective, Energy Star-rated, and environmentally friendly. While most flat roofs absorb UV rays, this material reflects heat.

Before you hire a roofing contractor or consider a DIY flat roof replacement, complete our easy, instant satellite quote.

Recap on Alternatives to Replacing Flat Roofs

  • Flat roofs are expensive to repair and replace.
  • Most flat roof materials only last 20 to 30 years – with some needing to be replaced every 15 years.
  • There are secondary costs to roof replacement.
  • Before you reach out to your local roofing contractor, it’s crucial that you realize that you can reduce your flat roof cost with an alternative material.
  • EverSeal is a permanent solution to a leaking flat roof.

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