Flat Roof

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Flat Roof

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Solving The Problem of Flat Roofing

Serving the San Antonio area with innovative flat roofing solutions. You'll stay leak-free for 50 years, guaranteed!

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are problematic because… well, they are flat. Flat roofs can have many problems, including water retention and snow accumulation. Unlike solutions from typical flat roofers in San Antonio, EverSeal’s roof sealant coating material offers a more permanent and effective fix.

A pitched roof directs water to rain gutters which channel the water away from the structure. Flat roofs don’t have that ability. In fact, they can do the opposite and hold water. You may see large puddles from the roof of your building after a heavy rainstorm. Most flat roofers in San Antonio will tell you that water is the most destructive element, and roofs that are leaking can quickly cause serious damage. Water damage repair is almost always very expensive, but with EverSeal’s roof sealant coating material, your San Antonio building will stay dry for decades.

Flat roof repairs can cost anywhere from $4 to $6 per square feet. A small building measuring 3,600 square feet would cost $21,600 to repair the roof. The average residential roof repair cost for a 1,500-square-foot home could run from $9,000 to $10,000. This is a high-priced job, and you might need to have your roof repaired again in 10 years. This is especially true when you consider the extreme weather that occurs in San Antonio. EverSeal’s flat roofers install a leak-proof roof barrier, meaning that you won’t have to worry about anything after installation. Our work and our roof are guaranteed for 50 years. This is an amazing savings that can save you thousands over the life of your home or commercial building.

Our unique roofing system offers you:

  • Maximum resistance to pooling water and its effects.
  • Vents that allow the expansion and contraction of your roof without excessive wear and one-way release of moisture and air.
  • Strength reinforcement, because water is heavy and wind exerts enormous force.

For a free flat roof quote for your San Antonio property or business, contact EverSeal today. We are happy to answer all your questions about our revolutionary roofing system. Our innovative roofing system is sure to be the best decision you will ever make for your property.

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