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Flat Roof with EverSeal's 50-Year, 100% Leak-Proof Barrier

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Here's the PROBLEM

There are literally hundreds of ways flat roofs can leak due to the hundreds of parts they are made of. With the beating sun and torrential rains Dallas and the surrounding area is known for, flat roofs succumb to pooling water damage, rusting screws, splitting seams, and UV degradation.

Every time flat roofs springs a leak, it costs time and money.

And fixing flat roofs the old-fashioned way comes with its own set of problems.


Roof Repairs Are TEMPORARY

While traditional flat roof repair may hold for a time, as soon as a joint cracks, a seam fails, or a rusted screw gives way, you’ll be dealing with a leaking roof all over again.

Before long, you’ll find yourself patching patches. Those inexpensive repairs don’t stand the test of time, so they end up costing you more money in the long run.

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Roof Replacement Is COSTLY

Flat roof replacement in Dallas is not cheap.

A typical flat roofing system is made of hundreds of parts, from plywood and insulation to screws and washers. All of these pieces are stuck together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Because there are many small parts to a traditional roof, just one of these parts is bound to eventually break down and begin leaking at their seams.

Though installing a new roof may solve your leaking problems for a while, the cycle of its parts breaking down repeats with every new, costly roof you install.


No Tear Off.
No Replacement.
No Problem.


#1 Flat Roofing Services in Texas

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Guaranteed for 50 Years

The EverSeal System won’t degrade, break down, or deteriorate. Because of its patented properties, the sealants in our system are guaranteed to maintain their original integrity for 50 years. Our formula has been tested in accelerated weathering chambers to ensure that our solution can stand the test of time. EverSeal can be applied to built up roofs, single ply, TPO, modified bitumen, metal, PVC, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), and more. Never worry about roof leaks again!

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Permanent Leak-Proof Seal

The EverSeal System is applied as a liquid onto an existing roof that has been carefully prepared by certified EverSeal commercial roofers. The liquid cures and becomes solid in just hours, creating a continuous, leak-proof flat roof seal that matches the form of the original roof. Because there are no gaps or seams, water can’t penetrate the EverSeal System, which means no leaks!


Hail Resistant

Living in the Dallas area, you are no stranger to hailstorms. Large hail can do extreme damage to property. EverSeal roofs are strong enough to withstand even the most ferocious hail storms—not one EverSeal roof has suffered hail damage to date. In the rare event that hail did cause damage, repairs are a breeze! We would simply apply new product to the area, adhering to the original EverSeal coat and creating a new, leak-proof membrane.

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Ponding-Water Proof

Because the EverSeal flat roofing system is completely water-repellent, if water pools on its surface, it will harmlessly evaporate without penetrating your new roof. It’s so waterproof you could coat your swimming pool with it!



You’ll enjoy decades of peak performance with an EverSeal roof, because our proprietary process encapsulates and strengthens the entire roof, even its weakest areas. Just check our reviews, we’re rated 5/5 by the Better Business Bureau.

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NOT A Typical Roof Coating

Ordinary roof coatings are similar to paint. These substandard roof coatings must be reapplied on a regular basis and are vulnerable to pooling water and sunlight. But with EverSeal, you’ll enjoy the strongest flat roofing system available for 50 years—guaranteed!

Serving the DFW Metroplex Area

The EverSeal Flat Roof Secret:

Flat Roof Inspired by NASA. Made from the
Most Weather-Resistant Minerals on Earth.

flat roof

It’s true—NASA uses the same technology we use in our EverSeal Flat Roofing System on their billion-dollar rockets, which must stand up to the most extreme conditions in space!

Because its key component is made from quartz, an extremely resilient mineral, EverSeal is strong yet flexible and can mold to any surface. When your roof is protected with EverSeal, it is armed to stand up to the most extreme elements.

flat roof

Water molecules roll right off of the EverSeal coating, because its molecular structure doesn’t allow water molecules to absorb into it.

Tested in accelerated weather chambers, EverSeal has proven to withstand the equivalent of 50 years!

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services concluded it would take 1 million years for the raw materials in our sealants to decompose in the environment.

How You Can Save Thousands With EverSeal™

  • Pay Thousands LESS than a typical reroof

    Don’t pay for an entire roof replacement in Dallas, TX—get the EverSeal System and avoid the costs of demolition, disposal, and the labor of a large flat roofing crew. Avoid a full replacement, lock your existing roof with EverSeal, and lock the weather out.

  • Deduct 100% of the project costs this year

    Because the EverSeal System is tax deductible, you can write it off under IRS Section 179.

  • Lower your energy bills up to 35% every single month

    You could save up to 35% on your monthly energy bills with the EverSeal flat roofing system. Its reflective qualities make it Energy Star Rated and environmentally friendly.

  • Eliminate up to 5 future roofing projects

    Don’t invest in a whole new roof every 10 to 20 years. You will save money when you invest in the EverSeal System, because it’s guaranteed to last for 50 years!

  • Keep business open and keep earning profits

    Because our certified commercial roofers in the DFW metroplex area can apply our proprietary roofing system to your roof without noise and disruption, your business can resume its normal activities without a minute of lost productivity.

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Your 50-Year Flat Roof Warranty

Only EverSeal gives you this exclusive


50 year guaranteeWhen we say that EverSeal will seal your roof permanently, we mean it. In fact, we GUARANTEE it for half a century.

Your 50-year customer satisfaction guarantee covers both the roofing material used AND the installation of your new roofing system. If you see a single leak resulting from a defect of the product OR installation, then the affected materials, labor or both will be covered by EverSeal and/or our manufacturing partners for FREE for the full term of the warranty.

Your warranty is fully transferable to any and all future owner(s) of the property. Your warranty must be renewed once every 10 years. We will contact you as a courtesy reminder. Standard terms and conditions apply.

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