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Seal Your Flat Roof PERMANENTLY

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And NEVER WORRY About It Again.

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No More Leaks!!

The World's #1 Solution for Flat and Low-Slope Roofs

Guaranteed for 50 Years

The patented properties used in the EverSeal System are virtually immune from breaking down, deteriorating, or degrading. In 50 years, our sealant system will carry the exact same physical properties as the day we first applied it. Guaranteed.

Permanent Leak-Proof Seal

After thorough preparation, our certified technicians apply the EverSeal System as a liquid onto your existing roof surface. Within hours the liquid solidifies forming a continuous leak-proof seal fit to your building’s exact size and shape. No seams. No gaps. No points of failure. And no way for water to ever get in again.

Hail Resistant

Your new roof is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. To date, not a single EverSeal roof has been damaged by hail. But even if it were, the repair is so simple. We merely apply new product to the affected area and it seamlessly bonds back into a continuous leak-proof membrane. Good as new.

Ponding-Water Proof

Even if water pools on your roof, don’t worry. The EverSeal System is ponding-water proof. You could line your swimming pool with it. No matter what, it remains 100% water-repellent, and keeps you and your valuables dry and safe 24/7.


The EverSeal System is strength-reinforced, transforming the weakest most vulnerable areas of your roof into a solid roof foundation ready for encapsulation. This proprietary process ensures decades of optimal performance.

Nothing Like A Typical Roof Coating

Roof coatings are like paint. They degrade and crack. You have to re-coat them year after year. Roof coatings can’t stand up to harsh exposure from the sun or withstand pooling water. The EverSeal System is a sturdy new roof system guaranteed to last 50 long years.

Eliminate Having To Replace
(or Repair) Your Flat Roof For LIFE!

It’s No Secret. Flat Roofs Are A PAIN!

Here's the PROBLEM

Water pooling. UV degradation. Screws rusting. Seams splitting. Hundreds of different pieces create hundreds of different ways for your roof to leak.

Each leak costs you time and money.

Traditional methods for fixing flat roofs have proven problematic.


Repairs may work for a while.

But it only takes one rusty screw, cracked joint, or loose seam to spring another leak.

Pretty soon you’re patching patches. Over time, cheap repairs become very expensive and eventually patching your roof is no longer effective.

Replacements Are COSTLY

Replacing your roof costs an enormous amount of money.

Most roofing systems are made of hundreds of different pieces… all glued together like a big, giant puzzle.

The materials themselves degrade, thin, and crack over time. Eventually you have a leak. 

A re-roof merely resets the clock for the next round of leaks, repairs, and eventually another very costly roof replacement project.

It's Time To Think Differently...


The answer is NOT to keep patching and repairing your roof… or… to rip it out and replace the whole thing.


The answer is to PERMANENTLY Seal Your Entire Roof with one seamless, weather-proof barrier and Forget It for 50 Years!

The EverSeal Secret:

Inspired by NASA. Made from the
Most Weather-Resistant Minerals on Earth.

Take advantage of the same technology used by NASA to protect billion-dollar rockets under the most extreme conditions in the universe.

The key component in the EverSeal formula comes from quartz, a mineral so durable it’s virtually incorruptible. But it’s also flexible and extremely elastic, moving and adapting to any surface — making it durable even in the most extreme conditions.

The system’s molecular structure is so tight, water molecules are too large to enter or dissolve the material. Water slips right off.

It’s lasted the equivalent of over 50+ years in accelerated weather chamber testing.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services concluded it would take 1 million years for the raw materials to decompose in the environment.

Save Thousands of Dollars Today...
Tens of Thousands For Decades To Come.

For many, the EverSeal System pays for itself before our crew can even climb down the ladder!

  • Pay Thousands LESS than a typical reroof

    Avoid paying for a re-roof when you don’t need to. With our proprietary application method, you won’t. The EverSeal System locks your roof in and locks the weather out. No extra costs for large roofing crews, demolition, or hazardous disposal.

  • Deduct 100% of the project costs this year

    You can write off every penny of the cost this year if you like. The EverSeal System is 100% tax deductible.

  • Lower your energy bills up to 35% every single month

    The EverSeal System is highly reflective, Energy Star Rated, and environmentally friendly. Watch your utility bills drop and save up to 35% every single month.

  • Eliminate up to 5 future roofing projects

    Avoid paying for a new roof every 10-20 years and watch your savings compound. The EverSeal System is Guaranteed for 50 Years!

  • Keep business open and keep earning profits

    You won’t lose a day to lost productivity. There’s no interruption to your normal day-to-day activities. Our certified technicians quietly and neatly apply the EverSeal System during normal working hours.

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Your 50-Year Warranty

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When we say that EverSeal will seal your flat roof permanently, we mean it. In fact, we GUARANTEE it for half a century.

EverSeal’s 50-year guarantee covers both the materials used AND the installation of your new roofing system.  If you see a single leak resulting from a failure of our product OR installation, then the affected materials, labor or both will be provided to you for FREE at any point over the next 50 years.

This warranty is fully transferable to any and all future owner(s) of the property.  This warranty must be renewed once every 10 years.  We will contact you as a courtesy reminder.  Standard terms and conditions apply.


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We’ll survey your roof from satellite images and deliver your free estimate in less than 60 minutes!