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4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Flat Roof

If you are searching online for when to replace a flat roof, you must be concerned with the roof’s condition on your commercial building. We are also guessing that you are dreading the flat roof replacement process.

We understand your concern.

This article will first confirm what you probably already know – the signs that your existing roof is beyond repair. But then, we will provide you with a unique solution to your flat roof problem.

Flat Roof Replacement Warning Signs

Here are the signs that your existing flat roof might need to be replaced.

Roof Leaks

Generally speaking, water coming through your ceiling indicates a problem with your flat roof system. Left unchecked, these consistent leaks will cause extensive damage to the structure of your building. Be prepared for cracks in the ceilings or walls, mold, and electrical issues.

Granted, there are a lot of possible causes of your leaking roof. Your flat roof seams are the likely culprit, but leaks are also caused by the sealant around your pipe collars drying and deteriorating. There may also be issues with your metal flashing.

Flat roofs generally require upkeep and repair; however, if the repairs seem constant and you know to have buckets on hand when it rains, perhaps that’s a sign that the roof damage is too extensive. It may be time for a full flat roof replacement.

Standing Water On Your Existing Flat Roof

Is there standing water on your roof’s surface? This could indicate that your roof is not pitched properly or has a faulty guttering system. Pooling water is a nemesis of low-sloped roofs as it breaks down the surface and strains the structure. If problems aren’t caught early, the result could be severe moisture damage.

Cracks, Splits, and Tears

Cracks, splits, and tears in the seams may make your roof’s surface uneven, making the roof unsafe to walk on for your staff and contractors who require roof access. Of course, these problems may also cause a leaky roof.

Aging Flat Roofs

Another way to determine if it’s time for a flat roof installation (as opposed to repair) is by considering the roof’s age. Unfortunately, no roofing system lasts forever. However, each type of roofing membrane has a different life expectancy – and high-quality roofing materials are known to have a longer life.

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A Better Alternative to Replacing a Flat Roof

Are you constantly in need of roof repair? Do you continuously call your flat roof contractor who says that after “just a few repairs,” your roof will be as good as new? Have you noticed leaks, pooling water, cracks, splits, or tears on your aging flat roof?

While many roof contractors may say that these are signs that it’s time to replace a flat roof, we have another option. Consider EverSeal for a more innovative flat roofing system.

EverSeal is a permanent roof seal system that can be used on many types of flat roofs. It’s a thin liquid membrane that covers most flat roofing materials.

The Benefits to Using an EverSeal Roof Coating System:

  • You’ll say goodbye to constant leaks and roof repair calls because the Everseal roofing system is 100% sealed and leak-proof.
  • EverSeal can be quietly applied with no replacement necessary, so it won’t interfere with your ability to conduct business.
  • The product is all-natural; it’s made from silica sand.
  • It can save thousands of dollars with lower gas or electric bills because its white surface reflects heat instead of absorbing heat.
  • EverSeal guarantees its product for 50 years.

Key Takeaways

  • Your roofing contractor will help you confirm that standing water, cracks, splits, and tears are all signs that it is time to replace flat roofs.
  • While you might be tempted to have your roof repaired (or a new roof installed), other roofing services are available that will fix your issues and prolong the life of your roof.
  • A roof coating system can revitalize your roof’s surface. It can also reduce energy costs significantly in hotter areas.

EverSeal is one of the most exciting flat roof options for stopping leaks immediately and permanently. Get an instant satellite quote on our website, you can lower your energy costs with this exciting new roofing membrane. Reach out to EverSeal today.

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