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Flat Roof
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Flat Roof with EverSeal's 50-Year, 100% Leak-Proof Barrier

Save Thousands on Flat Roof Repair

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Flat Roofers in San Antonio, TX

Here's the PROBLEM

Because of the hundreds of parts that make up a flat roof, there are hundreds of possible ways they can leak. Flat roofs are subject to the relentless sun and torrential rains San Antonio, TX is famous for, so they can leak, pool water, rust, split seams and succumb to UV damage.

It costs you time and money every time your flat roof leaks.

The old-fashioned way of fixing flat roofs is not the best.


Roof Repairs Are TEMPORARY

In San Antonio, traditional flat roof repairs can be effective for a while, but once a joint cracks, a seam fails, or a rusted screw breaks, your roof will leak again.

Soon, you will be patching patches. A cheap flat roof repair in San Antonio, TX won’t last and will end up costing you much more in the long-term.

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Roof Replacement Is COSTLY

Flat roof replacement in San Antonio, TX is not cheap.

A typical flat roofing system has hundreds of components, including plywood, screws, washers, and insulation. These pieces are joined together like a puzzle.

Since flat roofs are made up of many parts, it is likely that one of these parts will eventually fail and begin to leak.

Although a roof replacement may temporarily solve your leaky roof problems, the cycle of roof parts breaking down will continue with each expensive roof replacement. 


No Roof Tear Off.
No Roof Replacement.
No Problem.


The World’s #1 Solution for Flat Roofs

flat roof

Guaranteed for 50 Years

The EverSeal System will not deteriorate, break down or degrade. Our patented sealants will not lose their integrity for more than 50 years. Unlike other flat roofing companies, the reliability of our product has been proven through testing in intense accelerated weathering chambers. We guarantee our durable flat roofing solution can stand the test of time.

flat roof

Permanent Leak-Proof Seal

The EverSeal System can be applied as a liquid to an existing roof after it has been prepared by a certified EverSeal roofing contractor. In just hours, the liquid cures and solidifies, creating a leak-proof seal that matches the original roof form. The EverSeal System is water-resistant and has no seams or gaps. This means that there will be no leaks.


Hail Resistant

Hailstorms are not uncommon in the San Antonio region, making flat roof repair a consistent necessity. EverSeal roofs can withstand even the strongest hail storm. In fact, no EverSeal roof has ever been damaged by hail! Roof repair is easy in the rare case that hail does cause damage. Our flat roof repair and sealing experts in San Antonio, TX would apply new product to the affected area which seamlessly adheres to create a leak-proof membrane.

flat roof

Ponding-Water Proof

The EverSeal System is water-resistant and will not allow water to pool on its surface. It will evaporate harmlessly without causing damage to your roof. It is so waterproof that you could even cover your swimming pool with it!



EverSeal roofs will provide decades of performance. Our proprietary process encapsulates the roof and strengthens it, even in its weakest parts. Neither tree branches nor hail will have an impact on flat roofs treated with EverSeal!

everseal flat roof

NOT A Typical Roof Coating

Most ordinary roof coatings in San Antonio, TX are very similar to paint which means they are susceptible to cracking or degradation due to sunlight and pooling water. EverSeal is more than a roof coating, it’s the best commercial roofing system that lasts more than 50 years, and it’s guaranteed!

It’s Time To Think Differently...

The answer is NOT to keep patching and repairing your roof… or… to rip it out and replace the whole thing.
The answer is to PERMANENTLY Seal Your Entire Roof with one seamless, weather-proof barrier and Forget It for 50 Years!

Flat RoofThe EverSeal Secret:

Flat RoofInspired by NASA. Made from the
Most Weather-Resistant Minerals on Earth.

flat roofIt is true! NASA uses the same technology that we use in the EverSeal System to protect their billion-dollar rockets. These rockets must withstand the harshest space conditions!

EverSeal’s key component is made of quartz, a highly resilient mineral. It is flexible, strong, and moldable to any surface so it can protect your roof from the harshest elements.

flat roof

EverSeal’s molecular structure does not allow water molecules to permeate into the roof coating. Water simply rolls off of it.

The EverSeal commercial roofing system has been tested in accelerated weather chambers in San Antonio, TX and has proven to be able to withstand 50 years of use!

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services concluded it would take 1 million years for the raw materials in our sealants to decompose in the environment.

How You Can Save Thousands With EverSeal™

  • Pay Thousands LESS than a typical reroof

    Do not pay for a complete roof replacement from traditional commercial roofing companies. Instead, use the EverSeal System for your flat roof repair in San Antonio, TX. You’ll avoid demolition, disposal costs, and the labor associated with a large roofing contractor crew. EverSeal will seal your roof and keep the elements out.

  • Deduct 100% of the project costs this year

    The EverSeal System can be written off as a tax deduction under IRS Section 179. 

  • Lower your energy bills up to 35% every single month

    The EverSeal System could help you save up to 35% each month on your energy bills. Because of its reflective properties, it is Energy Star Rated and also environmentally friendly.

  • Eliminate up to 5 future roofing projects

    Do not invest in a new roof in San Antonio every 10-20 years. The EverSeal System is guaranteed to last 50 years, so your investment in EverSeal will save you money.

  • Keep business open and keep earning profits

    Our EverSeal certified technicians can apply our commercial roofing system to your roof in San Antonio, TX with minimal noise and disruption. Your business can continue its normal operations without interruption.

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Flat RoofYour 50-Year Warranty

Only EverSeal gives you this exclusive


50 year guaranteeWhen we say that EverSeal will seal your flat roof permanently, we mean it. In fact, we GUARANTEE it for half a century.

Your 50-year guarantee covers both the materials used AND the installation of your new roof system. If you see a single leak resulting from a defect of the product OR installation, then the affected materials, labor or both will be covered by EverSeal and/or our manufacturing partners for FREE for the full term of the warranty.

Your warranty is fully transferable to any and all future owner(s) of the property. Your warranty must be renewed once every 10 years. We will contact you as a courtesy reminder. Standard terms and conditions apply.

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