Complete Guide from Everseal Roofing on How to Save Money on Your Flat Roof

Today we want to talk about four things that seem too good to be true about an Everseal Roofing, but they really are true.

  1. Our 50- Year Labor and Materials Warranty

We’re asked all the time “How does the 50-year warranty work, and come on, what’s the catch?”

It’s very simple.  Your roof stops leaking immediately, and we guarantee it will never leak again.  If it does, the materials, labor (or both) will be provided to you for FREE any time during the next 50 years.

The 50-year warranty covers ANY sealant failure and/or ANY failure from the way we applied it.

All you need to do is renew the warranty every 10 years with a simple roof inspection that costs only 10¢ per square foot.  We’ll inspect the roof’s condition and renew the warranty for another decade.

Why do we require this renewal?  Well, a lot can happen in 10 years.

Maybe something was installed on the roof or holiday lights accidentally punctured something.  Perhaps a contractor put a pipe or something else through the roof. 10 years is a long time and our inspection gives you peace of mind knowing we’re all invested in keeping you safe and protected for the long-haul.

We’ll make sure to contact you to remind you when it’s time for your inspection.

  1. Are my energy cost savings real?

YES.  And here’s why:

Most roofs absorb UV rays, but with Everseal Roofing, 89% of UV rays are reflected away from your roof.  This means UV rays won’t cause increased heating and cooling costs.

The EverSeal system is Energy Star rated.  In order to be awarded this best-of-the-best standard by the EPA, our roofs must perform 75% better than similar buildings nationwide.  And they do!

Not only does an Everseal Roofing roof permanently protect against any future leaks, you also save thousands on energy costs year over year.

It’s just another benefit that puts money back into your pocket.

  1. The EverSeal System is 100% tax deductible

Here’s the general rule:  the EverSeal system is classified as “roof maintenance” rather than capital improvement (which requires spreading the expense over 30 years or more before you get your full tax benefits).

Why is this an important difference?  Because our roof doesn’t require removal, replacement or installing an additional layer, you can write off 100% of the project costs on this year’s taxes if you want.

That’s a great way to immediately put thousands of dollars back in your wallet!

We include a breakdown of your projected tax savings in our bid so please pay special attention to it.  It’s another benefit Everseal Roofing gives you over traditional roofing solutions.

–  This is NOT financial advice.  Talk with your accountant or tax advisor about your specific situation to be sure.  –

  1. Increasing the value of your property

We’re told many times, “I won’t be around in 50 years, why do I need such a long warranty?”  That’s a very good question.

Having an Everseal Roofing on your building or home won’t just benefit you, it will also make your property more appealing when you to go sell it.  A future buyer will certainly care about the quality of the roof and the years of warranty remaining.

It goes without saying that your property will be more desirable with 20, 30 or 40 years of warranty remaining.  It gives you that added edge you need in the marketplace and it gives potential buyers that 1 extra reason to purchase from you.