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Flat Roof
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A Reliable Alternative To Rubber Roofing

EverSeal proudly offers San Antonio a reliable rubber roof alternative that lasts 50 years!

Roofs for commercial and residential properties must last for many years. They need to hold up to extreme temperatures and ultraviolet radiation, all while remaining resistant to water and strong enough to withstand high winds. EverSeal’s flat roof coating and repair system provides San Antonio buildings with a rubber roof alternative that delivers everything mentioned above and more.

The EverSeal System is the ideal roofing option because it guarantees that your roof will last for at least 50 years while remaining leak free and providing immediate savings in energy costs. It also prevents your roof from needing costly roof repairs. Once the EverSeal System has been applied to your roof, that’s it. Your roofing issues will be over.

Our patent-pending system uses the same technology NASA uses to protect astronauts and their equipment. This is why we are more confident in our roofing solution than other methods. Although rubber roofing is now well-known, it is not as reliable and as strong as EverSeal. EverSeal roofs are more durable than rubber, and have many other amazing qualities.

The rubber for roofing is made from ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. However, it is easier to say EPDM. Rubber roofs are not the best roofing option since they should only be installed in dry conditions so that the adhesive doesn’t bubble and dries properly. Likewise, rubber roofs can easily be punctured by fallen branches and other objects in extreme weather conditions. These glaring flaws suggest that we are long overdue for a rubber roof alternative, in San Antonio and beyond.

Many companies make the mistake of claiming that EPDM roofs are environmentally friendly. Rubber used for roofing is often made from recycled tires, plastic, sawdust and powdered slate. However, the coating is still synthetic rubber. The rubber roof materials are not made from Hevea brasiliensis, a tropical plant, so therefore, it is not natural or eco-friendly. The rubber sealant’s chemical components can also become toxic as they break down and enter water systems.

As for true eco-friendliness, the EverSeal System does not require you to remove any existing roof material. This means that there is nothing to clog up the landfills in San Antonio! Once our rubber roof alternative is installed, it will stay installed. It does not break down and drain to the sewer.

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