Flat Roof

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Flat Roof
For Flat Roofs:
  • check icon NO TEAR-OFF or Replacement Needed
  • check icon 100% Sealed & Leak-Proof
  • check icon GUARANTEED For 50 YEARS
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NOT A Typical Roof Coating

EverSeal provides the Dallas area a long-lasting, 100% leak-proof alternative to traditional roof coating.

You can mosey on down to Home Depot, Lowes, or any handyman supplier and buy a cheap coating right off the shelf that you can truck home and use to coat your damaged roof, all by yourself. But we can save you some time and trouble, because we all know that’s not an optimal idea. You will probably do a good job of it, but the quality of your work is only as good as the quality of the product you use. Realistically, nothing you can pop down to the store and buy can protect your home like an EverSeal System roofing solution.

Roof coatings are nothing more than glorified paint. They blister and crack, and every few years, they need to be reapplied. These coatings are too thin and cannot hold up to pooling water or extended UV exposure. As your roof expands and contracts with changes in temperature, the coating becomes brittle, cracks, degrades, and eventually needs to be recoated, again and again and again.

The EverSeal System is not a roof coating nor is it your typical TPO or rubber roof application. Our solution to roof repair is our own proprietary system developed with the same technology used by NASA to protect its gear, machines, and people in outer space.

Roof repair is not rocket science, but it does take know-how. Our guaranteed, 100% leak-proof solution to your roofing needs requires expert knowledge, professional installation, and dedication to quality and service. We offer all of that, plus a product that is patented and can guarantee for 50 years.

Our roofing system is truly revolutionary. Even though it is applied as a liquid, the finished product is nothing like a coating. Our solution is a genuine protective sealant, a fully ventilated roof membrane that is durable, strong, and custom fit exclusively to your building.

The roof is the most important component of any structure, residential or commercial. Protect your Dallas property with a guaranteed, long-term investment. Call EverSeal today to speak to a specialist or to schedule a free estimate!

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