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Silicone Roofing Services in San Antonio

Serving the San Antonio area with innovative flat roofing solutions. You'll stay leak-free for 50 years, guaranteed!

Everseal of San Antonio offers exceptional flat roofing material that protects your roof from various weather conditions! With the weather we experience in San Antonio, from strong wind and hail to blazing heat and torrential downpours, our roofs take a lot of abuse. No homeowner or business owner wants to endure the headache and expense of roof repairs every time a severe storm rolls through, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could equip our roofs to withstand even the strongest San Antonio storm? Traditional silicone roofing is an excellent option for preventing leaks and water damage. We offer the San Antonio community energy efficient flat roof services. But the EverSeal System provides an even better, more durable roofing solution that reinforces and protects flat roofs with quality materials that provide long-lasting protection and peace of mind, saving you a ton of money in roof repairs!

How Does a Silicone Roof Work?

Our silicone flat roofing material, offered to the San Antonio community, is durable and will save you money in the long-run!  Silicone roof coatings are quite versatile, offering a variety of benefits. Silicone roofing is a single layer of silicone that’s either rolled or sprayed on as a liquid to fill in cracks, blisters, and seams. This process doesn’t improve insulation, but it will add a layer of protection from the weather. You will not be disappointed with our energy efficient flat roof services here in San Antonio! First, the roof is power-washed to remove dirt and debris, and then a primer is installed and the seams of the membrane are reinforced. The silicone coating is applied to the entire roof, and after it sets, a final inspection is performed to ensure proper application. 

What Are the Benefits of the EverSeal System?

The EverSeal System takes traditional silicone roofing to the next level. EverSeal is a silica-based roof system made from non-sacrificial materials and quartz—so it remains strong for over 50 years! While our formula includes silicone, it is a step above traditional silicone roofing, which makes our flat roofing material top-notch! Our San Antonio team of roofing experts understand the many benefits of EverSeal and can help you see why it’s a great solution for protecting your San Antonio roof. One, the EverSeal formula uses quartz, a material used by NASA to protect its rockets from the extremes of space.

The EverSeal System also:

  • Provides a leak-proof seal – After application, the liquid solidifies and creates a leak-proof seal, so water simply can’t get through!
  • Resists hail – Hail damage is a thing of the past when your roof is protected with EverSeal.
  • Is ponding-water proof – Because flat roofs are, well, flat, they are prone to ponding water. EverSeal prevents puddles from forming on flat roofs.
  • Is strength-reinforced – EverSeal has the strength to bolster even the weakest points of your roof, forming a consistent shield across the entire surface.
  • Is fully-ventilated – The EverSeal System includes ventilation to help your roof breath and relax, ensure you get the optimal lifespan from it.

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