Earn An Easy 5% Cash
on Every Flat
Roof Job You Refer.

You won’t have to sell anything, do any of the
work, or take on any liability…

Simply Make the Connection and

Collect Your Commission!

Simple. Easy. Fun.

Then you could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars with EverSeal’s Referral Program.

And it’s easier than you think…

But before I explain how it works and why we’re doing this, you might be asking yourself…

“Who or what is EverSeal?”

That’s an excellent question.

EverSeal is a high-tech, specialty roofing company.

We permanently seal flat and low-slope roofs with a unique, liquid-applied roof sealant system.

Our system is guaranteed for 50 years.  And it costs thousands less than a typical roofing project.

It also eliminates the need to replace or repair the roof altogether.

We work on flat roofs of all types and sizes ranging from small patio roofs to hotel chains to industrial manufacturing facilities.

“OK, so why is EverSeal offering to pay referral rewards?”

Simply put.  We need your connections!

Your part will be to:

  1. Refer roofs to EverSeal that are flat or low-slope.
  2. Make sure the owner or manager actually wants an estimate and wants to be contacted by EverSeal.
  3. Enter that owner/managers info into your online partner portal.

That’s it! 

Now that lead is permanently associated with you.  You don’t have to do any selling, closing, or scheduling.  Just make the connection, we do the rest, and you get a commission when the job is complete.

“If I did this, how much could I actually make?”

Based on our finders fee, if you referred a $15,000 job, your commission would be $750.00.  If you referred 3 jobs like that per month, you could earn $2,250.00.  If you did that consistently for a year, you could make $27,000.00.

Not bad for simply making connections!

But some of our jobs are upwards of $250k.  Your commission on a job like that would be $12,500.00.  If you referred 1 job like that every 3 months, you could bring in $50,000.00 in a single year … just by making referrals!

Of course, you don’t have to refer multiple jobs.  You can always refer one job, collect your check, and be done.  It’s completely up to you.

“How do I get paid?”

Through your portal, you can watch the progress of the sale as we quote the job, follow up with the client, and finally schedule the project.

You can also easily track your commissions and earnings.   Once the job is completed, you’ll receive a check or direct deposit (however you prefer) sent straight to your info on file.

“Why would someone want an estimate from EverSeal for their roof?”

Well first of all, they may have a leak.  Or they may be coming to the end of their    current warranty.  Or they may be selling their property. 

Maybe their previous roofer went out of business.  Or maybe they’d just prefer to be done dealing with their flat roof for good.

In any event, getting an estimate from EverSeal is a no-brainer.  In addition to our 50 year guarantee and significant cost savings, EverSeal also offers unrivaled benefits like the benefits listed below.  EverSeal is:

“How do I find flat roof owners and managers to get in touch with?”

Ideally, you’re a person who is already in touch with building owners and managers.

Typically, that means you are either a…

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL: Like a real estate agent, broker, property manager, maintenance manager, etc..

—  or a  —

SERVICE PROFESSIONAL:  Like a roofer, commercial HVAC technician, commercial painter, commercial plumber, christmas light installer, etc…

If you fall into either of these categories, you’ll have a solid network of building owners and managers whom you can help and then get paid commissions for.  You may even be seeing them on a regular basis already.

“Why is EverSeal paying people money like this?”

We already spend 5% of our budget advertising on sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and more.  But we still need to expand our reach.

So we thought, “Why not offer local people in our communities the same money we’re paying large advertising platforms online?”

It seemed good to us.  It’s a way to reward people like you for helping local building owners while growing EverSeal at the very same time.

“What do I need to do to be a part of this program?”

Whether you only want to refer one job or you want to refer hundreds of jobs, all you need to do is sign up today.

After signing up and creating your free online portal, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to request Free and Instant online estimates for building owners and managers and earn commissions on every single job.

To submit a new lead, simply log into your partner portal, input the contacts name, roof address, email, and phone.  And that’s it.

That lead is now permanently associated with you. We’ll take care of contacting the client and all other responsibilities from there.

If you have more questions, you can learn more about EverSeal and our 50-year system at everseal.com or you can call us directly at (833) 203-7325.

But before you do anything else, sign up today.

We only accept 25 local applicants per territory.  And you’ll need to fill out a short application to get started.  It only takes a couple minutes and it’s completely free.

After that, we’ll be in touch with you to help to make sure you’re as successful as possible and answer any questions you may have.

Click below to sign up now!