Why You Should NEVER Repair or Replace Your Roof

Would you like to save thousands of dollars on your flat roof? Now you can seal your roof forever permanently with a seamless 100% watertight barrier. Here’s how: DON’T repair or replace your roof. Confused? Okay, let me explain: 1) Repairs are short-term fixes. Repairs may work for a while. But it only takes one rusty screw, cracked joint, or loose seam to spring another leak. Pretty soon you’re patching patches. Over time, cheap repairs become very expensive. Eventually, patching your roof is no longer effective and you’ll have to replace it. And… 2) Replacements are costly. Replacing your roof costs an enormous amount of money. Plus, most roofing systems are made of hundreds of different pieces… all glued together like a big, giant puzzle. The materials themselves degrade, thin, and crack over time. Eventually you have a leak. That’s why most roofs have to be replaced every 10-20 years. A re-roof merely resets the clock for the next round of leaks, repairs, and eventually another costly roof replacement project.