One School’s Roof Replacement Horror Story

Several years ago, Omaha Public Schools – the biggest school district in Nebraska – had several of their roofs replaced.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the roofing project a huge storm swept through the area and rain water rushed into the school overnight.

Around $10,000 worth of laptops, computers, printers and other equipment were destroyed.

Not only that, it happened AGAIN 3 more times that year for their schools!

Crazy, right?

Make no mistake, replacing your roof is RISKY.

The entire top of your building is OPEN.  Leaving you fully exposed to the elements.

Why does this happen?

And why is it so common?

Well, when a team works on your roof, they complete it in sections. They pull out a section of roof, and quickly try to replace as much as they can.

However, contractors often don’t finish the section in one day, so they put a tarp over the gaping hole in your building.

Sadly, these tarps are not perfect.

If they’re not attached correctly, or if a big storm comes through, the tarp can’t protect your building from rain.

Now you could do a quick-fix repair job. But this only kicks the can down the road. Eventually you’ll have to replace the roof.


You could simply protect your roof forever. The choice is yours.  We’re just trying to make it as simple as possible.


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