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Silicone Roofing Services in Denver

Serving the Denver area with innovative flat roofing solutions. You'll stay leak-free for 50 years, guaranteed!

Everseal of Denver offers top-notch flat roofing material to keep your roof protected from the elements! With the hail storms we see here in Denver, we need to arm our roofs with the best protection in the industry. Our annual hail storms wreak havoc for homes and businesses and cause extensive property damage. No one wants to undergo the hassle of making roof repairs every year, much less pay for them, especially when there’s a revolutionary roofing system that can protect your roof from the elements for 50 years or more!  The EverSeal System is made from a silica-based formula armed with the power of quartz, one of the most weather-resistant materials on the planet, making it one of the best flat roof options! EverSeal takes traditional silicone roofing to another level, providing powerful leak-proof and hail-resistant protection for your roof for decades. If you are looking at different flat roof types and options for your Denver home, you will not regret choosing EverSeal!  

What is Silicone Roofing?

Our boosted silicon flat roofing material will ensure your Denver home is protected for years to come!  A silicone roof coating system features a single layer of silicone that’s either rolled or sprayed on by a team of professionals. While traditional silicone roofing doesn’t improve insulation, it does add an extra layer of protection from the weather. This is why it’s a good option for those looking to reinforce an existing roof. Installing traditional silicone roofing is straightforward. First, the roof is power washed and the seams of the membrane reinforced. The silicone is sprayed on or applied with a roller over the roof’s entire surface. Lastly, a final inspection is performed to ensure the coating was applied correctly. 

The Installation Process

The installation process of a silicone roof is relatively straightforward. The roof’s entire surface is power washed to clean and remove contaminants. Then, the primer is installed and the seams of the membrane are reinforced. Silicone is sprayed on or is applied using a roller over the roof’s entire surface. Lastly, a final inspection is performed to ensure the coating has been applied correctly. 

Benefits of EverSeal Roofing 

EverSeal is a step above traditional silicone roofing, and if you choose our innovative flat roofing material for your Denver home, you will not be dissapointed! When you understand the benefits of our innovative system, you’ll see why it’s a great option for protecting your roof in the Denver area. 

The EverSeal System:

  • Harnesses the power of quartz Formulated with quartz, one of the world’s most robust materials. 
  • Provides a leak-proof seal – The EverSeal System is applied as a liquid and solidifies within hours to prevent leaks.
  • Is hail resistant – EverSeal protects your roof from hail damage.
  • Is ponding-water proof – Ponding and puddling are common with flat roofs, but EverSeal is ponding-water proof!
  • Is strength-reinforced – Our system can reinforce even the weakest areas of your roof.
  • Is fully-ventilated – The EverSeal System includes ventilation to help your roof breath and relax, ensure you get the optimal lifespan from it.

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