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Flat Roof
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A Reliable Alternative To Rubber Roofing

EverSeal is proud to offer the Denver area a reliable rubber roof alternative that lasts 50 years!

A commercial or residential roof must be durable. It must also withstand extreme temperatures as well as UV radiation. It must be impervious to water and strong enough for heavy winds. EverSeal doesn’t compromise. The EverSeal system offers everything listed above and goes beyond what other companies offer.

EverSeal is a flat roof coating and repair system offering Denver roofs 50 years of maintenance-free performance. You will also see a reduction in energy bills. Without the need for regular repair, you’ll save money over time. After we have applied the EverSeal System, your roof is sealed. Your worries about leaks will be gone.

Our patented roofing system is based on the same technology NASA uses to protect their astronauts, which is why we’re confident our system is more durable than common alternatives. While rubber roofing is becoming more popular, it’s still not as durable or strong as EverSeal. EverSeal is designed to last longer than rubber roofing and has many other added benefits.

Rubber roofing material is made of ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. This is often shortened to EPDM. Rubber roofing is not the best choice for roofing for numerous reasons. It should be installed only under dry conditions in order to ensure that the adhesive doesn’t bubble. Rubber roofs are susceptible to breaking down in extreme weather and can be punctured easily by branches or other objects.

Many companies falsely claim their EPDM roofs are eco-friendly. The rubber used for roofing is usually made from recycled tires, as well as plastic, sawdust, and powdered slate. This means that the rubber coating is still a synthetic rubber product. In order for the rubber roofing product to be truly eco-friendly, it would need to be made from Hevea brasiliensis, a tropical tree, and it most likely is not. Additionally, the rubber sealant’s chemical ingredients can break down, become toxic, and leech into the water supply. All of these facts make a rubber roof alternative attractive in Denver.

In terms of environmental impact, EverSeal doesn’t require that you remove anything from your roof, so there’s nothing to clutter the landfill. Once it is installed, it’s permanent, and it won’t wash away into the sewer. EverSeal is Denver’s best rubber roof alternative!

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