3 Roof Quote Comparison Mistakes People Make

I see this ALL the time!

When business owners and managers misinterpret their flat roof quotes.

And sadly, these mistakes cost them dearly in the long run.

Luckily, with a bit of ‘know how’ and investment-minded thinking, you can save thousands on your roofing projects.

Here are the 3 mistakes you need to avoid…

Mistake #1 – Only getting one quote

You want to make sure you compare several companies.

And yes, the prices will be different.

This helps you gauge the average price in the market.

Without multiple quotes, how do you know that you’re paying a fair price for your project.

Which brings me to…

Mistake #2 – Comparing price, not value

You need to compare the long-term value of what you’re getting, not the price.

Cheaper doesn’t mean better.

Sure, “chuck in a truck” might be dirt cheap… but be careful.

He might cut costs by doing the entire job by himself and you’ll never know whether he can honor his warranty.

Plus, his OSHA compliance might not be up to scratch!

And even when it comes to bigger, more established companies, you need to be aware of “cheap” roofing products.

In fact, most people end up paying MORE money for “cheaper” options, because of all the problems they encounter down the road.

How is this possible?

Well, depending on the type of system you used, it might need to be replaced sooner, therefore costing you MORE in the long run.

For example: A company that applies a “cheap” roof coating might only charge $9,100.

However, these coats need to be done every 5-10 years. Which means within 30 years, you’ll be up for 4 re-coats. That’s a cost of $36,400.

So make sure you compare value.

And speaking of value…

Mistake #3 – Forgetting to compare the warranty

It doesn’t matter if you save money on your roof project if you need to replace the entire thing in another 10-20 years.

If a company only offers a 20 year warranty, or worse, a 10 year warranty, how much could that cost over the lifespan of the building?

For example, with the EverSeal System applied on your roof, you get a 50-year warranty for parts and labor. That means you get a roofing system that stays leak-free forever… or we fix it for free.

No more future roofing projects.  That means more money stays in YOUR pocket.

Are you ready to see how EverSeal stacks up to other roofing companies based on value and warranty?


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